Painted street pianos in support of Enriching Lives through Music

Piano #1 has officially been relaunched in Northgate Mall!

How does it work?

Play Me, San Rafael provides vibrantly painted upright pianos in publicly accessible locations throughout San Rafael for all to play. The pianos are stored during harsh weather, locked overnight, and frequently checked up on and maintained to ensure their best quality. Local artists paint the pianos and businesses then can choose to adopt a piano to have at their location. Learn more about how to contribute to the program on the Support page.

City of San Rafael

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Who will this benefit?

Enriching Lives through Music (ELM) is a full scholarship, multi-year music program for over 120 students in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael. ELM's mission is to change lives through the study, practice, and performance of music. Play Me, San Rafael aims to create awareness about and support music and art in our community.

"We believe that every child is a valuable member of our ensembles and that our students deserve the best musical training and mentors possible.

We are committed to the emotional and social well being of our students and to their ability to succeed through high school and beyond. We hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards.

We know family participation and community partnerships are the key to accomplishing our mission."

—Enriching Lives through Music Guiding Philosophy

How did it start?

Ryan Chiang, a Marin Academy senior born and raised in San Rafael, stumbled upon street pianos during a family trip. Upon returning home, he noticed other street piano programs locally, such as San Francisco and Petaluma, and was inspired to bring the concept to his hometown. As an intern of ELM, he realized it was a perfect opportunity to raise awareness and support for the program.

"The power of public pianos will break the language barrier and bring vibrancy, a sense of community, and joy to strangers who would otherwise not be connected."

—Ryan Chiang, Marin Academy senior

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  • Ryan Chiang
    Play Me, San Rafael
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  • Jane Kramer
    Enriching Lives through Music (ELM)
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    City of San Rafael
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