Where are the pianos?

See the map above to view all the locations of the pianos throughout San Rafael. Clicking on a location reveals more information about the piano, location, and sponsor. The following is a list of the pianos and their sponsors with more detailed information and photos:

Piano #1 - Northgate Mall, 5800 Northgate Mall

Relocated from the San Rafael City Plaza to Northgate Mall, Piano #1 is painted in a colorful, eye-catching graffiti art style by artist El Rock. Inspired by the theme of "harmony," the inaugural piano seeks to represent harmony in color, music, and community. The piano is generously sponsored by Presidio Bank, which is located on the 5th street side of the plaza.

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About the artist:

Elric Henry, also known as El Rock, is originally from San Francisco, but moved to Marin in elementary school and was raised in Fairfax, California. El Rock grew up in the Grateful Dead family and has always been a creative person, musically and through fine arts. El Rock started doing graffiti in 1986-1987 and he quickly gained respect and recognition in the street art scene and was inducted into some of the most widely respected graffiti crews in the Bay Area, such as, ICP, WOD, IRIE POSSE, JC and the Legendary New York City crew from the Bronx, TMS. Since then, El Rock has been creating colorful graffiti murals on everything from highway overpasses to inner city schools and businesses using art to change how we see the world.