What can I do?

  • Volunteer & Donate— Ways for anyone and everyone to get involved

    • Artists — Paint a piano
    • Musicians — Play on a piano
    • Tuning services
    • Moving services
    • Pianos in good condition
    • Storage/painting space for pianos
    • Home for piano (see below)
    • Spread the word about and play on the pianos!

  • Adopt-a-PianoGreat opportunity for local businesses to show support of the local arts and music

    • Donate a location — Your business will be put on the website and map
    • $250 — Everything above and your brand on a piano hosted at your location
    • $500 — Everything above and your brand on the printed materials
    • $750 and above — Everything above and your brand will be on all pianos part of the program

    To Adopt-a-Piano, please send an email using the contact form below. Thank you!